Elite Crete Systems Australia | Cementitious
Elite Crete Systems Australia is the choice in high performance, seamless floor coatings. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications our decorative concrete, stamped overlays, cementitious and resinous finishes provide the perfect finish for your floor.
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Cementitious concrete applications create an authentic look and feel of stone, brick, tile, slate or even conventional stamped concrete. They can be applied to almost any existing concrete surface. Our range of finishes will enhance the aesthetic appeal to any area and are an easier way to achieve a specific look than conventional concreting retreatment methods.

Cementitious coatings are engineered as a viable alternative to tearing out and replacing deteriorated or damaged concrete.


THIN-FINISH™ is a cost effective, easy to mix and install product. It has a longer workability time compared to most other materials allowing for proper finishing and attention to detail. THIN-FINISH can be applied by trowel, squeegee or with an air hopper gun and can also be layered to create additional thickness when needed. Additional benefits compared to a standard concrete finish include increased flexural strength, decreasing brittleness of the surface and increased resistance to moisture.


TEXTURE-PAVE™ is a pre-mixed overlay. It is a polymer modified, cementitious material formulated for resurfacing and texturing concrete floors and surfaces. TEXTURE-PAVE is an easy to apply overlay that cures to create a hard, abrasion resistant surface. It offers many advantages over other overlay materials including higher levels of strength, durability together with excellent weather resistance. Available in a wide variety of colours this product can be used for stamp textured finishes, concrete patching and resurfacing. It is suitable for interior and exterior application in commercial, industrial and residential situations.


MICRO-FINISH™ is a polymer modified, cementitious filler used in conjunction with of THIN-FINISH. Typical applications include interior or exterior concrete surfaces. It provides advantages over alternative overlay materials including a smoother finish, acceptance of chemical stains and dyes plus higher levels of strength and durability.


Slate trowel down is a popular concrete overlay and restoration technique applied with THIN-FINISH and MICRO-FINISH products. Repairing cracked, stained or weathered concrete surfaces is one of the most common uses of this technique. This decorative concrete application gives the appearance of stone, slate or ceramic tile. The slip resistance make it ideal for wet areas such as pool decks, driveways, walkways or any outdoor surface exposed to the elements. Unique designs can easily be created using colour, fibre tape or stencils, simulating tiles, stone, marble or any image or pattern.


Thin stamped overlays overlays have become one of the most sought after applications in commercial and residential building markets. Used with TEXTURE-PAVE, they create an authentic look of stone, slate, brick or tile. TEXTURE-PAVE adds only 6-10 mm to existing concrete surfaces eliminating the cost and hassle of replacing existing concrete. As an engineered, polymer modified coating, it is stronger and more durable than conventional concrete and stamped concrete applications. It is ideal for applications such as driveways, pool decks, patios, footpaths, hotel lobbies, retail stores and more. TEXTURE-PAVE is extremely versatile, it can be coloured and textured with hundreds of combinations to match current architecture and design, turning the floor into a design feature of your project.


Splatter Texture is a type of thin stamped overlay and is perhaps the most widely installed product due to its versatility in colour and design. Patterns are achieved by using THIN-FINISH in conjunction with stencils and are ideal for commercial and residential applications such as driveways, parking garages, footpaths and patios. Splatter textures and knockdown finishes offer the added bonus of safe skid resistance and are widely used in wet areas.