Elite Crete Systems Australia | Resinous
Elite Crete Systems Australia is the choice in high performance, seamless floor coatings. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications our decorative concrete, stamped overlays, cementitious and resinous finishes provide the perfect finish for your floor.
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Resinous coatings create a hard wearing yet attractive floor surface and are ideal for high traffic areas in commercial and industrial situations. They are now becoming a popular in homes as an alternative to tiles or timber floor boards.


In simple terms the floor surface is created by mixing and applying resins, such as epoxies, onsite. The resins combine to form an extremely durable finish which will last many years. Seamless custom design floors are created by mixing the resins with a specific colour, tinted highlights or even multi coloured flakes.


Resinous coatings are often called by their technical names such epoxy, polyurethane, methyl methacrylate (MMA), polyaspartic and polyester


REFLECTOR Enhancer is a high build floor coating where durability and resilient flooring is paramount. It also offer unlimited colours and combinations with unique patterns and designs. The final finish can be either satin or gloss. Reflector Enhancer is completely seamless and easy to maintain. There is zero to very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) in this product which means it is safe and environmentally friendly.


HERMETIC™ Neat floorings are a smooth self-levelling coating engineered for industrial and commercial applications. They deliver a durable and long lasting finish. The Hermetic floor systems are generally applied in a two part process using a base coat and top coat. A wide choice of decorative elements can be sandwiched between to the coats to provide a unique design. This system is easy to maintain whilst providing resistance to wear abrasion, petrochemicals and contaminants.


HERMETIC™ Flake is a decorative floor coating consisting of a combination with multi-coloured vinyl flakes embedded between resinous base and final coats. It provides a seamless durable and slip-resistant finish that is easy to clean and maintain.

The vinyl flakes come in a wide range of colours and sizes to create a design to match any interior in a home or commercial premise.


HERMETIC™ Colour Quartz floors are suitable for industrial and commercial applications where a high performance floor is required. They are engineered for resistance to abrasion and provide a seal preventing entry of petrochemicals and other contaminants.


The Quartz system uses coloured silica quartz fused between base and final coats. They deliver an aesthetically appealing finish with increased slip resistance.


They have nil to very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), while making them a popular choice in flooring solutions.


HERMETIC™ Stout floors are an extremely durable and affordable floor resurfacing system. They are applied using the same techniques as Flake and Quartz but are topped with a 100% solid clear or pigmented epoxy coating. This final coating provides a smooth finish to hide flaws in the existing floor yet will withstand high traffic and impact levels.

This finish is suitable for both commercial and industrial applications.


HERMETIC™ Paramount floors floors are high build floor coatings for industrial and commercial applications where durable and high performance flooring is required. It is a self-leveling floor repair resurfacer and the product can be finished smooth or as a slightly granular non-slip coating. Paramount flooring is available in either solid pigment or coloured quartz for a speckled finish.


HERMETIC™ Paramount HD (Heavy Duty) is a trowelled mortar system which is more durable than the standard Paramount system. It is specially formulated to withstand extreme abrasion and resist chemicals. It is ideal for areas in need of repair as the product can be applied to a thickness 250 mm or greater. The Paramount HD system can also be applied as a patch & repair product for damaged and pitted concrete. Paramount HD creates a very durable finish that is easy to clean and maintain.


HERMETIC™ Aircraft flooring flooring is a high performance, resinous coating specifically engineered for aircraft hangars and specialty aerospace floors. This floor exhibits exceptional resistance to chemicals common in such environments, including Skydrol fluids.